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IVEST Real Estate Group has been in business for the past twenty years and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Want to find out more about our company? Read what our customers have to say.

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Bonnie started in the real estate industry in 1980 as a property management assistant. In 1990 she obtained her real estate sales persons license and opened up her own property management company under RE/MAX Advantage. Driven to build her company, Bonnie worked diligently to bring her small property management company to the large well known property management company it is today. Obtaining her Broker's license in 2002 her company, Property Management Systems, (separated from RE/MAX Advantage in 2002) now manages 700-800 properties at any given time. To take a step further in the real estate industry Bonnie and her daughter, Jesse, teamed up and created IVEST Real Estate Group, to give the full circle property management and real estate company experience to their clients. Bonnie is also very active in the non-profit portion of the real estate community; volunteering and chairing on many committees and organizations, such as, Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan (foundering member & current chair), GKAR (Greater Kalamazoo Association of REALTORS) Equal Opportunity Committee (current chair), GKAR Executive Committee, Eviction Diversion Committee for the 8th District Court (founding member), Fair Housing Conference Committee Member (founding member and chair), along with many other non-real estate oriented non-profits. Bonnie's active involvement and connection with the areas real estate community and long time expertise in the real estate industry makes her a true real estate veteran!



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REO Division


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Jesse is the daughter of Bonnie Granado, therefore she has been immersed in the real estate industry since day one! Obtaining her license in 2005, Jesse has dabbled in all areas of real estate, from property management to commercial development to residential sales, until she fell in love with the REO industry. Jesse has worked directly with many large, well known local and national banks; along with many asset management referral companies. She is very knowledgeable in the REO industry and their processes. Whether Jesse is working with large banks or a private seller/buyer, her positive energy, creativity, real estate knowledge, and out-going personality really shines!


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Heath is a 2003 graduate of Western Michigan University and has been an active Real Estate Agent working as an REO Manager at a local real estate office for over nine years handling over 2,000 transactions and working with 50+ banks. His ambitious motivation drove his department to average ten million dollars worth of real estate sold each year. In November 2011 he team up with Jesse Granado and transitioned to IVEST Real Estate creating and managing the REO Division. Heath is committed to apply the knowledge and experinece he has obtained over the past decade to maximize top dollar for each asset listed with IVEST Real Estate Group, proving the reliability and trust that client's will quickly be reassured of in working with IVEST REO Division!